Field Fence

Field Fence
Field fences are a quick and easy solution to keeping livestock where you want it or keeping animals out of your garden or away from young trees. Wire fences from Zhuoda come in different heights and gauges so you can get the type of livestock fences you need. A no climb horse fence has special knots to protect your animals' hides while goat fences have a tight grid so the animals can't stick their heads through. Our wire fencing materials are just one of the ways we offer more than 26,000 items for farm, shop, home and garden.

Field fences in 330-foot lengths let you pen off a pasture or protect your new lawn from grazing animals. Galvanized wire fences are sturdy and will stand up to all sorts of harsh weather.

Field fences from Zhuoda are an economical way to build sturdy and long-lasting fences for your livestock. We sell wire fences in 4-1/2 gauge and 12-1/2 gauge with 11 gauge or 10 gauge top and bottom wires for added strength. Our livestock fences come in 330-foot rolls so you have plenty to enclose a grazing area, separate a garden or protect young trees. Our no climb horse fence is specially made with square knots to protect horses' more delicate hides.

Field fences come in heights from 32 inches for erosion control or garden fencing to 48 inches for goat fences. Galvanized livestock fences will stand up to the elements, saving you time and money in the long run as they keep working year after year. Our wire fencing materials are corrosion resistant with hinge joint knots and wire tension curves to make setting up easier.

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